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Concrete Stereo

  • Object:

    Stereo system

  • Place of origin:

    London (designed)

  • Date:

    1983 (made)

  • Artist/Maker:

    Arad, Ron (designer)

  • Materials and Techniques:

    Cast cement, reinforced with aluminium mesh, with stereo system components of rubber, plastic, steel and electronics.

  • Museum number:

    W.7:1 to 6-2011

  • Gallery location:

    On display in Values of Design, Design Society, Shekou, China []

  • Public access description

    The Concrete Stereo, one of Arad's most important designs of the 1980s, is an iconic example of post-industrial aesthetics. With the realisation of electronics that were so small they no longer dictated the form of their housing, the production of home audio equipment became feasable, particularly as the parts could be bought as readymade elements. Arad chose concrete as the medium for this apocalyptic hifi, as a way of underlining its architectural character or to achieve a science-fiction look.

  • Physical description

    Turntable deck, amplifier unit, two speaker towers and two shallow cone speakers all encased in housing of cement with aluminium mesh.

  • Dimensions

    Height: 11.2 cm W.7:1-2011, Width: 50.1 cm W.7:1-2011, Depth: 47 cm W.7:1-2011, Height: 11.6 cm W.7:2-2011, Width: 50.8 cm W.7:2-2011, Depth: 45.7 cm W.7:2-2011, Height: 87.4 cm W.7:3-2011, Width: 20 cm W.7:3-2011, Depth: 20 cm W.7:3-2011, Height: 87.4 cm W.7:4-2011, Width: 20 cm W.7:4-2011, Depth: 20 cm W.7:4-2011, Height: 13.4 cm W.7:5-2011, Diameter: 14.1 cm W.7:5-2011, Height: 13.8 cm W.7:6-2011, Diameter: 14.1 cm W.7:6-2011

  • Descriptive line

    Concrete Stereo, designed by Ron Arad, 1983

  • Collection code

    Furniture and Woodwork Collection